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Looking for Pet Friendly Places?

We have plenty of suggestions for you!

Tips for Pets in Public

We are striving to continue to bring pet-friendly businesses to our area and cultivate a pet-inclusive community. In order to do so, as pet owners, it is OUR DUTY to ensure our pets are good guests when visiting dog-friendly establishments and that our pets do not infringe on the rights of the non-pet owning public or other pet owners who are out in public.


Always pick up after your pet. 

Follow leash laws. 

Consider using a standard leash at busy venues instead of a retractable leash. 

Don't let your pet intrude on the personal space of strangers or other pets unless invited. 

Be sure children ask pet owners before approaching any dog. 

If your dog appears nervous/uncomfortable, please remove your pet. Your dog depends on you to make these types of wise decisions for them. 


Help keep our community a nice place to live for pet owners and non-pet owners alike.

Could your dog use some fine-tuning out in public? We can help with that! Training Assistance

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