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Lost a Pet?

We want to help get your pet back home!

TIP: Not all lost pets behave the same. Cats and dogs often behave much differently from each other when lost. Indoor-only cats behave much differently when lost than indoor/outdoor cats. Human behaviors when interacting with lost pets can impact many things. Learn more about lost pet behaviors in order to increase pet recovery. 

1. Spread Photos of Your Lost Pet Online

Please post a photo of your pet and description where lost at the following locations. Also, please be sure to include a method people can contact you with information- either phone number or email. 

Central Texas Lost & Found Pets

Heart of Texas Lost Found Pets

CenTexLostPets (under the ‘lost and found’ section & under the ‘Pets’ section).



Also, check out the found pets listed at all of these places to see if anyone has found a pet who matches your lost pet.

Image by Alec Favale

2. Check TWO Physical Sheltering Facilities in Our Area to See if Your Pet is There

 Waco Regional Shelter, 2032 Circle Rd Waco, TX; Hours: M-F 11a-6p, Sat 11a-5p.

Details: Found pets are held for 72 hours (not including Sunday hours) and then made available for adoption/rescue. This is the location where Animal Control Officers in McLennan County and where most citizens bring found pets. 

Fuzzy Friends Rescue, 6321 Airport Rd Waco, TX 76708; Hours: M, W-Sat 10a-5p, Tues 1p-5p

Details: Fuzzy Friends Rescue is not an open-intake shelter and they do not accept animals from Animal Control Officers. However, occasionally, members of the public bring found pets by their facility and staff may be able to assist you. 

TIP: You should visit the Waco Regional Shelter DAILY during business hours while your pet is lost to see if your pet has been brought in. While it is possible shelter staff may contact you if your pet comes in, that should not be relied upon. 

3. Check Waco Regional Shelter Online Listings Daily

Dogs in the Waco Regional Shelter

Cats in the Waco Regional Shelter

NOTE: Updates are made to the list throughout the day. While most animals are listed online at the links above, not all animals are. Be sure to stop by the Waco Regional Shelter regularly, in-person, during business hours to check for your pet. 

4. For Hewitt, Lacy Lakeview, Woodway, and Bellmead residents

Your cities have temporary holding facilities that they sometimes use to house found pets in order to locate the owner prior to taking to the Waco Regional Shelter. Contact the Police Dept/Animal Control for each location to see if they have your pet in holding. 

Hewitt: (254) 666-1661

Lacy Lakeview: (254) 799-2479

Woodway: (254) 772-4470

Bellmead (check listings here):

5. Is Your Pet Microchipped? 

If so, contact the microchip company directly and IMMEDIATELY. Be sure your contact information is up-to-date with the microchip company and also let them know your pet is missing so they can place an alert on your pet's record. Not sure what your pet's microchip number is? Check previous vet records or call the vet clinic or organization who inserted the chip and they can likely help. Not sure what company your pet's microchip is made by? Use this neat tool - simply enter your pet's microchip number and get contact information right away. Pet Microchip LookUp

6. Check out the City of Waco Website for More Lost Pets Info Including a Lost Pets MAP

City of Waco Lost Pets


7. Place Lost Pet Flyers in the Area Where Lost

Remember, there are many people who are not active on social media/online. Flyers in the area where a pet is lost continues to be one of the primary avenues for getting pets back home safe. You can also post a photo of your pet at almost all local vet clinics and at groomers.


It is suggested you make large, neon posters and hang them within at least a 2-mile radius of where the pet was lost. Additionally, place one in your front yard and at nearby intersections. Keep information on posters basic and clear including: a) photo of pet/description, and b) clear contact information (phone number, email) should someone have a tip or has seen your pet.


8. Tag your car

Consider tagging your car with your lost pet's information to spread the word as you travel. For more information on effective car tagging and examples, click here.

9. Place a Lost Pet Ad in The Paper

Consider an ad in the Waco Tribute Herald Classified Section. Phone: (254) 757-5757

10. Don't Give Up

We mean it. 

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