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Need to Rehome Your Pet?

We understand rehoming your pet can be heartbreaking - both for you and your pet. We've compiled the following resources to help make rehoming your pet straightforward and judgement-free. We appreciate you making every effort to keep pets out of Waco's overfull shelter. 

Remember: Some pet issues have solutions. From financial struggles,  pet behavior, and pet allergies, to trouble finding housing that welcomes your pets, solutions may be possible. 

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Grey Cat

How to Advertise Your Pet

1. Check out Adopt-A-Pet for their Rehome FREE services and Rehome FREE guide. Adopt-A-Pet offers these resources to pet owners at no charge. You don't want to miss checking out their services!


2. The photos and information you include about your pet when trying to find a new home make all the difference. Animal Farm Foundation offers a FREE pet marketing guide. Used by many shelters and rescue organizations, this guide is also incredibly useful to citizens needing to rehome their personal pet. Now, you can market your pet just like the pros!


Where to Advertise Your Pet

1. Reach out to friends, family, and coworkers who know you and your pet to see if they can offer your pet a new home or know anyone who can. Additionally, ask family, friends, and coworkers to help advertise and share your pet on social media sites for a new home.

2. Try the following FREE options for advertising your pet


Adopt-A-Pet Rehome Listing

Waco Craigslist - Possibly consider also posting in Austin, College Station, Killeen/Temple, and Dallas/Ft Worth areas as well.  

*Posting an ad on Craigslist is no different than any other FREE advertising resource like social media. There are many wonderful people looking to adopt pets via these resources and shelters/rescues also have great success. Use common sense when coordinating with interested adopters.


PAW Rehoming Group

Central Texas Pet Connect Group

Central Texas Animal Advocates
Pets of McLennan County Group

Considering placing an ad in the Waco Tribune Herald

Work Desk

Tips for Rehoming Success

1. If the pet is not spayed/neutered/up-to-date on vaccinations, consider getting them vetted before rehoming so the pet is most desirable to adopters and easier to rehome.


2. Rehoming works best if you have at least a couple of reasonable quality photos of your pet along with personality and vetting information. Remember, you must spark people’s interest in your pet. 

3. If your pet is a purebred cat or dog, take a moment to google the breed name plus “rescue Texas” to see if there is a rescue who specifically focuses on your pet’s breed in Texas. If so, contact them with decent quality photos, a list of any vetting your pet has had completed (spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip, heartworm preventative) and personality information (good with other dogs, kids, cats; know any commands? Etc.) to see if they can help you advertise your pet.

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Is The Pet You Need to Rehome a Found Pet? 

If you are not sure you have done a thorough search for the pet’s owner, please see I Have Found a Dog or I Have Found a Cat.  Please never rehome a found pet without trying to find the owner first. Even if the pet seems in less than ideal condition, it may have been missing for an extended period and have a home who cares about it very much. Avoid making assumptions

If you are certain all options have been exhausted to locate the owner of a pet, please attempt to find a quality home for the pet yourself to avoid surrendering the animal to the overcrowded shelter. Please see rehoming suggestions above.

If the pet is not spayed/neutered/up-to-date on vaccinations (or if you are not certain if they are), consider getting them vetted before trying to rehome so the pet is more desirable to potential adopters.

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