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Need Help With Veterinary Expenses?

1) Consider applying for Care Credit, Scratch Pay, and/or Affirm. These credit lending services help pet owners cover immediate veterinary needs and allow you to pay back the expenses over time. If your veterinarian does not accept one of these payment methods at their clinic, ask them to refer you to one who does.

2) Ask friends and family members for assistance with veterinary needs. Often, friends and family members can make a donation directly to the vet clinic who will be treating your pet.

Basset Hound Check-Up

3) Consider pawning or selling items of reasonable value for immediate cash to help with veterinary expenses.

4) Build a relationship over time with a veterinary clinic you like. This is one of the most overlooked options to increase flexibility for vet expenses. Most veterinary clinics across the nation do not offer 'payment plans' for services, particularly for clients they have never seen before and may never see again. However, cultivating a good relationship with a veterinarian as a longer-term client can increase flexibility in some cases or result in additional discounts on services. Relationships matter. 

5) If you are able to afford the exam fee for your pet at a local clinic or emergency clinic, join and post at Pet Answers Waco (Facebook group) to see if there is any other assistance available to you. 

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