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Finding "Orphaned" Kittens

Not all kittens need help. In fact, most don't. The best place for kittens is with their mother. Before you scoop up kittens you find outdoors, it is important to determine if they are truly orphans or if mom is hiding or hunting nearby or moving her litter.

Remember: Mom cats leave their litters for extended periods of time. Moms also move their litters and can only carry one kitten at a time. If you find one or two kittens, mom may be in the process of moving the family and is on her way back for the others. Mom will return. Leave food and water out for mom. Please, leave the kittens alone unless they appear clearly injured or ill.


Determining What To Do Next

Check out this neat guide to help determine your next steps.

What If I Touched the Kittens?

Citizens are advised to minimize handling of found kittens so as not to cause unnecessary stress. However, if you have handled the kittens, simply put the kittens back. Don't worry - mom cat will still recognize the kittens are her babies. 


Remember, Please Respect the Mother Cat

Scooping up kittens and taking them to a shelter is not in the best interest of the kittens. Please observe the kittens from a distance over the course of a few hours to see if mom returns.

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