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Need Temporary Help With Pet Food?

We want to help. If you live within McLennan County and are in temporary need of dog or cat food (or cat litter), check out our local resources below. 


Contact Cribs for Canines for suggestions or guidance. Email:

Contact Animal Birth Control Clinic as they occasionally have food donations available to assist the public. 

Consider posting on social media to the community in the Pet Answers Waco Facebook Group. Citizens may have pet food they no longer are in need of.

Contact Humane Society of Central Texas as they occasionally have food donations available to assist the public. Phone: 254-754-1454.

Reach out to Waco Pets Alive! to see if they can assist. Email:

Contact Caritas of Waco to see if they have any pet supplies. Caritas of Waco is a non-profit organization that helps anyone who has urgent needs, regardless of sex or ethnicity. Phone: (254) 753-4593.


If you are or know a homebound senior citizen who needs regular assistance with pet food, please contact Meals on Wheels Waco. Phone: (254) 752-0316.


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Need Help With a Dog House? 

We want to help. If you live in McLennan County and need assistance with a dog house for your pet, please contact Cribs for Canines. Email: You can also reach Cribs for Canines via social media


Cribs for Canines is an all-volunteer organization who provides doghouses to residents throughout McLennan County upon request and free of charge. Their goal is to provide dogs proper shelter, prevent owners from facing fines, and keep dogs out of our already crowded shelter.  Cribs for Canines has hand-made, quality dog houses available. They occasionally have Igloo-style doghouses available as well. 

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