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Kitten Season is upon us

As the vibrant city of Waco continues to thrive, so does its population of outdoor cats. While these feline companions bring joy to many residents, their unchecked breeding can lead to overpopulation, contributing to numerous issues such as the spread of disease, competition for resources, and strain on animal shelter and local rescues. There are two programs in Waco we would like to highlight.

Trap-Neuter Return: Spaying (for females) and neutering (for males) are surgical procedures that prevent cats from reproducing. These procedures not only help control the cat population but also offer several benefits to the health and well-being of the animals themselves. While outdoor cats may not have traditional owners in the same sense as indoor pets, they still deserve to live healthy, fulfilling lives. By preventing unplanned litters, we can ensure that outdoor cats receive the care and attention they need without adding to the burden of cat overpopulation. A trap-neuter-return program involves humanely trapping a cat, giving it vaccines and spaying or neutering the cat, and returning the cat to its outside home.

In Waco, Animal Birth Control Clinic offers low-cost spay and neuter services specifically tailored to outdoor cats. This program is essential in reaching cats that may not have regular access to veterinary care. By making spaying and neutering accessible and affordable, this organization empowers residents to take an active role in managing the outdoor cat population in a humane and responsible manner.

Leave the Litter: Spring is a time that outdoor cats often have a litter of kittens. Finding a litter of kittens outside can be both a heartwarming and concerning experience. When you find a litter of kittens observe the kittens from a distance to determine if they are in immediate danger or distress. The mother cat may leave for an extended period of time and will likely not come back if she knows you are around. If the kittens are healthy, its generally best to leave them alone. The mother cat is usually the best caregiver for her kittens. The shelter is not a great place for healthy cats or kittens as shelters often result in disease spread despite their best efforts to prevent diseases.

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